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Welcome to Bone Island Helicopters, your premier choice for safe and stunning sightseeing tours of Key West and the surrounding area! Explore the breathtakingly beautiful waters and the diverse natural beauty of the Florida Keys ecosystem from the sky, with our extended and customized flight options.

All of our exclusive tours offer panoramic views of the island of Key West, highlighting its rich history, surrounding waters, and wildlife from a rarely seen perspective, making your experience truly unforgettable.

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This is the team that will safely take you around the Keys.



Dave is a Key West local and US Army Veteran, with 25 years of aviation experience piloting multiple airframes, who served as instructor and leader with the US Army Flight School at Fort Novosel, Alabama.

Our Aircraft

Robinson R44, "Papa Unicorn"

Our Robinson R44 Clipper 2, Papa Unicorn, is equipped with the latest safety enhancements is meticulously maintained to the highest standards. She can do a max speed of 120 mph, with a range of 300 nautical miles, to take you safely on your aerial adventure. 

what customers say

Sky-High Praise

What an amazing way to see the island that we love so much! We had the best experience with Dave! The helicopter was air conditioned with cushy seating and great views. Our tour took us over the entire island and over a few of the small keys which gave us time to see wildlife and wave at my hubby who was watching us from the marina. I highly recommend this business to all visitors!

We had a fantastic visit with Dave in Key West. Funny, even though we live here, we had no idea how beautiful the island is from up above. Also, a fantastic sunset view. Will definitely book again, and recommend to friends and family.

raceworld offshore races


Welcome to Race World Offshore’s most anticipated event of the year – the Key West Offshore World Championship! This is your chance to witness the heart-pounding action of world-class powerboat racing like never before, with the exclusive VIP passenger access provided by Bone Island Helicopters.

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